Premium Secure Password Manager

Create, Store and Share Strong Internet Passwords

All You Need

All the tools you need to create 'unbreakable' passwords

Descreet Design

Removable wrap makes it completely anonymous

Luxury Gift Box

Elegant, sturdy cardbord box makes it the perfect geek gift

Pocket Size

Compact size 3.5"x5.6" (92x144mm), yet plenty of room to write.

Encrypted Grid

Create your own encryption algorithm

UV Invisible Ink Pen

Invisible ink pen with black light included

More Features

Expandable inner pocket contains a transparent overlay card and a printed grid card to cary in your wallet

Security Matters

The Enigmaze password manager takes the headache out of creating new strong passwords or updating existing ones and allows you to quickly decode your password when you need to use it. With Enigmaze there are hundreds of ways to create passwords that are almost impossible to decipher!

  • Alphabetical tabs
  • Light weight, sturdy construction
  • An elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket
  • Invisible ink pen with UV light
  • Plenty of space for web addresses, usernames, and passwords.

How To Use

User's Manual Download

There are many ways to use your Enigmaze password logbook, and your methods are completely up to you. You can even vary your methods for different websites creating impossible to crack passwords, even if somebody else has your Enigmaze.

  • Memory lines
  • Uv marker
  • Encryption Method
  • Appending to your current password
  • Symbol reasignment


With Enigmaze, you will never, ever, forget a password again!

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